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Harley is a successful Entrepreneur focused on building sustainable solutions to social challenges.

Harley faced significant adversity on his path to success. Growing up, he struggled with drug addiction, homelessness, and being sentenced to prison as a teenager.


After his release, he struggled with the stigma of a criminal record, frequently facing rejection for housing, employment, and other essential resources for upward mobility.


Determined to change his life, Harley enrolled at The Ohio State University, where he earned a degree in business administration with honors while balancing the challenges of reintegration.


Harley has raised over $3 million dollars from investors and built the leading fair-chance hiring platform. The app gets over 5 million monthly job searches and helps formerly incarcerated people find employment up to 8x faster.


Harley's journey has made him a vocal advocate for criminal justice reform and social entrepreneurship. He has advised organizations such as SXSW,, Village Capital, The Critical Labor Coalition, and more.


Through his resilience, hunger for knowledge, and entrepreneurial spirit, Harley has turned adversity into a platform for positive change.

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